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Magic Surf School

Our concept

Safe surfing lessons on the less frequented beaches of Lacanau, only 5 minutes from the town centre aboard our Magic Bus! Adrien, founder of the school, wishes to provide you with an authentic surfing experience through surfing lessons in complete safety. To do so, he disassociated himself from other schools crowded on the central beaches by proposing a new concept. The Magic Bus and your instructor will take you to beautiful beaches and waves ideal for learning to surf.

An ideal location in Lacanau-Océan

A simple welcome not far from the southern beaches and a Magic Bus transfer to the spot.

Just 300 meters from Lacanau Ocean’s town center, our surf school is located on the Route du Lion, close to the southern beaches. If you’re already in the area, you can find us by walking, cycling or even skateboarding. If you’re arriving by car, for example from Bordeaux, it’s easy to find the school, with plenty of parking nearby.

Our new building awaits you with open arms. We’ll welcome you in a little cocoon where you’ll feel right at home. A brand new surf shop, surf videos, a sofa to relax on – it’s all here! Once you’ve signed up with our lovely team, we’ll get you equiped ready for you, just like the champions. Changing rooms, sanitary facilities and solar showers are at your disposal for your comfort.

Entrée de Magic Surf School à Lacanau Océan
Le Magic Bus en pleine forêt de Lacanau se rendant sur les plages peu fréquentées de Lacanau sud
Guaranteed escape and optimal surfing conditions

Embark to the best spots of Lacanau for a safe surfing lesson on little frequented beaches.

Five minutes aboard the Magic Bus and the great sounds of our playlist will allow you to leave the hustle and bustle of the city centre and head to the beaches of the Super South. Arriving in the pine forest of the Lion car park, we unload the equipment and pass this magnificent dune that separates us from the ocean. Magnificent and almost baron, these beaches are ideal for learning to surf in an idyllic setting in complete safety.

  • You surf with peace of mind, without fear of possible collisions with other surfers.
  • You progress from the first waves thanks to a larger practice area and a wider choice of waves.
  • Your instructor is 100% available since he does not compete for space with other surf schools.
Safety and pedagogy

Surfing lessons around a careful and personalized pedagogy built by qualified and very experienced instructors.

Lessons are given by our qualified and experienced surf instructors who know Lacanau perfectly. Adrien, Yannick and Barichou adapt themselves to each public by shaping their pedagogy according to the age and level of the participants.

The 2-hour sessions are punctuated by key moments:

  • The trip to the spot aboard our Magic Bus, departing from the school at the start of the lesson.
  • A theoretical part in which we cover knowledge of the ocean environment (bays, sandbanks, wave formation, weather) and equipment.
  • A practical part with a pre-course warm-up, analysis of conditions, safety instructions and 1h30 of surfing.
  • The return trip to the school for a refreshing shower.

Our highly targeted formulas allow us to form our groups with precision. Surfing lessons are organised according to age but above all according to the level of the surfers and their expectations.

Le moniteur de surf donne des conseils en direct à son élève sur la même vague
Trust us, they’re great!

Our Surf Instructors

Since 2016, following the success of the school, Adrien its founder is accompanied by his elder brother and his best friend for the supervision of the surf lessons. You can therefore be supervised by : Adrien, a former top-level sportsman, Yannick, an instructor who has bottle and Barich, the children’s favourite teacher. We are very proud of our team who will supervise you in the best conditions thanks to a concept different from the other surf schools of Lacanau.


Surf instructor

Founder and main instructor, Adrien is a qualified surfing instructor, former member of the French national team and holds a Master’s degree in sports training. Above all, he loves to share and transmit his passion thanks to a pedagogy adapted to the age, level and desires of his students.


Surf instructor

Barich, for his part, is an outstanding pedagogue since he is a school teacher for the rest of the year. Barich will be perfect with your children by adopting a playful pedagogy according to their ages.


Surf instructor

Val, a surf instructor since 2019 but also a tennis and skateboard coach, will be able to adapt to you and give you the best advice. He’s also very comfortable with kids and will give you a session full of humor and good humor! And what’s more, he’s handsome!


Surf instructor

Guigui, reserved at first, but you’ll see he’s the nicest ! He’s very meticulous and attentive to every move you make, and will always give you the advice that will make all the difference. If you’re lucky, you’ll also meet his dog, Ollie!


Surf instructor

Noé, a former surf competitor, is now on the instructors’ side! He’s full of technical advice, which he’ll be delighted to share with you! Noé is also the comedian of the group, so you’re sure to have a great time!

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