15 May 2014

Magic Girls, Surf just with girls


Magic Girls starts now. What is the idea?

– Share a nice time of surfing with her friends under the sun.

– To do sport and unwind from work, the exams and little hassle.

– A monitor motivates you and makes you surf in favorable conditions.

Magic Girls


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  2. Absolutely beautiful.I have not lost a parent. Nor do I ever want to imagine that. But when my grandma passed, she was my hero, it hurt right to the core. It still does.Never be afraid to keep talking about him. We're always here to listen and to help you heal.

  3. Actually, "despite" in that sense is perfectly fine (though the usage is rarely employed anymore). The exercise of uncommon uses of common words can produce vivid prose (as in this case).

  4. Hey, its Comrade Stephanski from Seainskle. Thought I’d check out the socialist propagan… I mean your “blog.” Its lookin’ good. Very clean cut.Ciao… I mean… Dosvedanya!

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  6. Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

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  11. I’ve noticed that people who would be considered ‘white’ in the US don’t pass in Europe. I even recall an extended argument with a Dane (who was actually taking the liberal side of the dispute) in which it eventually transpired that he regarded anyone from the other side of the Mediterranean or South Asia as ‘black’ — which is certainly not the construction I put on the term.

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