The coach

Adrien Valéro is a qualified surf instructor and former member of the French national surf team. With a Master’s degree in sports coaching, and a lifetime of surfing experience, Adrien loves nothing more than sharing his passion for surfing with students of all ages and abilities.

Le moniteur sur une planche en mousse

« When I finished my studies, I took the time to focus 100% on my surfing career and the travelling it required. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world, surfing some amazing waves and ranking in some top contests. I’ve been a surf instructor for years now: sharing that passion and introducing my students to the incredible sensations of surfing is something that makes me really happy. So I decided to make my passion my job, and set up a surf school offering something original: a fun, relaxed experience – but where we always take our surfing seriously. »

tube au mexique pour adrien